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Trash Guidelines

In addition to recycling and sanitation services, Colonial Sanitation LLC provides trash guidelines. Please follow the guideline for safe trash removal.

Rules for Trash Pickup:

  • All Refuse Must Be Placed in Cart for Removal
  • Trash Can should be put out the Night before Pickup 3 Feet from the Curb, 3 Feet from Obstacles
  • Garbage should be Bagged and Tied (This will Help Keep Your Trash Can Clean and Trash will Not Stick to the Bottom of Can)
  • Bulky Materials such as Drywall, Concrete, Bricks, Dirt, Limbs or Rocks are not Acceptable for Regular Pickups
  • Needles are Hazardous and not Accepted, Proper Disposal with Sharps Containers should be Used as Advised by Your Physician

Note: We are not permitted by law to accept batteries, tires, liquids (oil or paint, etc.), combustible materials deemed hazardous such as propane tanks or acids.

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